Gangs of Boomtown's social aspect is: Boomtown Neighbour. This is an invite feature where a player add/invites another player playing Gangs of Boomtown or setting as an invite to play the Gangs of Boomtown.

The capacity of Boomtown neighbours are not set neither limited. Therefore, A player, regardless of activeness, can add upto a maximum number of Boomtown players has he/she desires.

The neighbours in Gangs of Boomtown facilitates helping hands among players. The maximum number of neighbours a player has, the maximum help he/she can expect. Requests, Rent Collection, Freeing the boomtown from local troublemaker, Clearing Debris and trodded crops, Sending of gifts and acceptance of favor requests are the essential components of a Boomtown Neighbour subjected to his/her activeness.

The help drawn towards a neighbour creates a fertile ground of benefit for both, the neighbour and the player. The neighbour recieves experience points, certain items from buildings, local troublemakers or even from clearing debris alongside with the player. To be more precise, what iotems is acquired by the player from a neighbour, alongside with it, the neighbour too gets exactly. Moreover, He/She also obtains 1 energy unit, 2 Experience points and 10 goods for completely helping a neighbour. The help drawn towards a particular neighbour is limited to the action points which is given in a bar rightly located at the upper center of the screen.