Coins are the main currency in Boomtown. Everything you need to buy costs coins, but almost every activity will earn them, too. You can earn coins by completing missions and achievements or by performing actions - clearing debris, apprehending local troublemakers or assasins or even selling off unwanted buildings or items.

You can also earn coins by collecting rent on your properties (each property will give out a certain number of coins after a certain amount of time - more expensive properties will earn more money), or by growing and harvesting crops. Both of these methods require a certain amount of investment money, as houses and crops all cost money to buy in the first place, but the returns are far greater than anything gained from completing actions alone.

Coins are worth less than gold but need not cost any real-life money to procure. However, players can, if they choose, pay for more coins.

Number of Coins Price ($)
300 3
1000 10
5000 49
10000 99
20000 199