"Boomtown - Once a happy, prospering mining town on the frontier - has fallen pray to the ruthless Assassins Gang. The Gang burnt the town to ground and murdered your family. It is time to seek revenge", is the intial starting phrase of the Gangs of Boomstown, a social role - playing game, hittied over 1000 and high gamers all round the world.

"Gangs of Boomtown" game concepts the background title of the WILDWEST life. Includes contents and game characters issued in the West. This game also includes massive PvE and PvP battles, constitutes a total of 16 exclusive locations including your hometown, BOOMTOWN, Missions and weapons along with special weapons.

Gangs fo Boomtown, a premier Wildwest Game, have not only gaming experience but also dominates in social aspects. It is the most important component of the game. Neighbours in this game, is the feature of its social aspects. The player helps the maximum of his/her neighbours in order to obtain the maximum of rewards out of them.

Another element of the game is its storyline. It begins with the kidnapping of the Sheriff's daughter by the first Assassin, HARLEY. Later on, These assassins continue on a successive intervals to more assassins all belonging to a same gang, the Assassin's Gang .